Conscious Chemist is using BxGy Discounts to improve their average order value

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Conscious Chemist is an innovative clean beauty brand, offering functional & effective products that are not an alternative but a fundamental choice for today's aware and thoughtful consumer. By absorbing the best of both worlds, nature and the science they are creating a range of intelligent biocompatible skincare products.


Pre Shopflo, discount codes were scattered across various locations such as emails, website banners, ads etc. Despite these efforts, shoppers often faced a daunting challenge in redeeming these discounts during checkout, leading to frustrating drop-offs.

Also, the process of crafting Bundle and buy-X-get-Y (BxGy) discounts proved to be time-consuming. Additionally, monitoring the performance of these discounts posed significant challenges.

Solution and Results

Shopflo's discount engine has relieved shoppers from the burden of recalling discount codes, resulting in a seamless and delightful checkout experience. This has helped Conscious Chemist to utilise website banners and campaigns towards product descriptions, instead of cluttering them with discount codes.

Conscious Chemist carries out various Buy-X-Get-Y campaigns to keep testing out and understand what is loved by their customers the most.

They have also seen a bump of +50% in their Average Order Value (AOV), when using discounts like BxGy and Bundles.

Creating these discounts on Shopflo has been really easy and these discounts are loved by thousands of Conscious Chemist customers. The discount analytics also helps them understand the performance of different discount coupons. All in all, this drove a +40% increase in their conversions.


Shopflo helps in providing a seamless discount experience at our checkout. I am able to communicate product USP's and description better, instead of flooding spaces with discount codes.  Also, creating Buy X Get Y discounts have been really smooth for us.

Prakher Mathur, Co-founder , Conscious Chemist