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Trusted by 500+ brands

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Trusted by 500+ brands

Why Shopflo

Unlock hidden revenue by activating 'ready-to-buy' customers at checkout


Better conversions

A network of 30 Mn+ users, powerful promotions, deep analytics and customisability


Increase in conversions
for Shopflo brands

A graph showing an increasing trend in conversion rate after Shopflo


Improve average
order value

Gamified promotions, discount ladders, intuitive promotions UI


Increase in Anveshan’s
Average Order Value

A graph showing an increasing trend in Average Order Value after Shopflo


Increase prepaid share

Enticing prepaid offers, COD blocking for users and pin codes


Increase in prepaid share
for Shopflo brands

Bar graph showing distribution of payment methods used by your customers. There is also a percentage value for total prepaid share.


Retain shoppers

At shopflo we want to make sure that youcan increase your customers life time value

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Increase repeat user logins

Bar chart showing distribution of sales channels


Impressive results achieved with shopflo


Increase in their
cart -> order conversions

Sleep Company


Increase in their
cart -> order conversions

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Increase in their
sessions -> order conversions

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Discover your best checkout

Visual showing a long checkout form, and Shopflo's alternate solution which has details saved with a CTA to continue to pay.


Reduce friction for your customers by tapping into Shopflo’s 30 Mn+ consumer network. Once a customer logs into a Shopflo brand, they are logged in to all our brands.

Metrics shown for Discount performance and usage

Discount Engine

Elevate your discount strategy to drive sales, boost average order value, and enhance the shopping experience for your customers.


Utilise Shopflo's customisable UI suite to create a checkout experience that perfectly reflects your brand's unique design and identity.


Shopflo brings the checkout metrics that matter to you the most in an easy to use dashboard. Unlock growth opportunities and build data backed strategies.

Logos which are popular in ecommerce stacks


Fits seamlessly with your eComm stack

Connect all your favourite integrations to our platform and manage everything with ease

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