Kimirica increased their conversion rate by 42%

Beauty & Skincare

Address Prefill

Custom UI


Kimirica is a leading Indian brand of luxury personal care and wellness products. They're known for their ethically-sourced, vegan, and high-quality bath and body care products.


The friction created by long address forms during the checkout process was affecting Kimirica’s conversion rate. They were also facing issues in building customer’s trust because of the lack of impactful and appealing checkout page’s UI like trust banners, high-end design etc.

Solutions & Results

Because of Shopflo's 80M+ network, 75% of Kimirca’s users don't have to fill out a long form. Hence reducing friction and giving a smooth checkout experience 

By using Shopflo’s UI customisation features, Kimirica provided customised banners on the checkout page to incentivise customers

Overall Shopflo has helped Kimirica get 36x ROI on Shopflo fees, a 22% increase in ECR and a 42% increase in conversion rate