Better Conversions

Convert your shoppers to buyers

Using Shopflo features, you can now easily convert your shoppers into buying customers.

Here’s How

Seamless Login Experience

Increase login rates through Shopflo's 20 million customer network and by adopting password-less OTP login, eliminating the need for customers to remember complex email-password combinations and filling out long signup forms.

Optimise payment success by using multiple PGs at once

Our platform allows you to integrate multiple payment gateways, ensuring that payment success rates remain the highest possible.

Control every UI component and messaging

Enhance Shopflo's checkout experience with tailored messaging, branded themes, and simplified coupon descriptions.

Amazing incentives

Move customers forward with exciting offers

Shopflo automatically shows all the relevant coupons to your shoppers, saving them from stressing and memorising the codes. Reduces the poor experience of failed discounts.

Abandoned checkouts

Remarketing campaigns

Effortlessly access data on shoppers who may have abandoned their checkout process for various reasons. Leverage this valuable information to proactively reach out and engage with these abandoned checkouts.

Deeper Analytics

Measure the performance

Have a granular insight into your conversions. You can view how the conversion funnel for your checkout is, which will help you in making better strategies.

Step up your checkout game today!

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