Improve AOV

Increase the intent to buy more

Using different modules you can now maximise the average order value for your brand. Easily nudge your shoppers to buy more and thus increase the AOV.

Here’s How

Progressive Messaging

Nudges to buy more

Capture shoppers' attention and share relevant messages that highlight the benefits of making additional purchases. Should shoppers encounter unavailable coupons, provide helpful nudges to ensure a smoother experience.

Advanced Discounts

One platform where you can create unique and various kinds of discounts

Easily set smart conditions to achieve a maximum Average Order Value

Reduce burn to increase AOV

Creating capped discounts on our platform will help you in reducing the burn but providing the same intent.

Progressive unlocking
of discounts

With strategies like tier discounting, you can push your shoppers to buy more to unlock amazing discounts.

Give discounts on
bundled products

Increase the intent of your shoppers to buy more, by creating exciting bundles, and giving a discount on these bundles.


Impressive results achieved with shopflo



Anveshan saw an increase of 40% on their AOV.

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