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Shopflo brings the checkout metrics that matter to you the most in an easy to use Dashboard. Unlock growth opportunities and build data-backed strategies.

Checkout Insights

Track your checkout performance easily

Get a granular view of the checkout performance to identify reasons for drop-off. Use this data to create conversion and AOV optimization experiments with real time feedback.

What’s There

Have all insights on your fingertips


Conversion analytics

Granular insight into your checkout conversion funnel now on Shopflo’s dashboard



Attribute 100% of your orders to their first and last click channels, compared to ~70% attribution on GA


Module analytics

Have insights into various modules like Payments, Discounts and more

Conversion analytics

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your checkout funnel and identify specific points where shoppers drop off. By doing so, you can obtain valuable insights into their behavior and make informed decisions to optimise your conversion rates.


Get a 100% transparent & accurate view of sales attribution to know how your channels are performing.

Module analytics

Have a view on many other modules, which can help you in making informed decisions for your store. Get insight into elements like Payment Method Split, Discount Performance, Prepaid module and so much more.


Carry out easy analysis

Effortlessly access and export detailed reports to seamlessly integrate with your systems. Empower your organization to make informed internal decisions based on these valuable insights.

We get monthly reports on our growth, conversion rates have improved, and all our queries are quickly answered. Shopflo is not just another checkout solution, it’s the only checkout solution d2c brands must have.


Founder @ Unboxkar

We had tried other checkout tools in the market before Shopflo but the experience and impact they have created is incredible. It’s been over 6 months and sales have been growing at a faster rate than the increase in our marketing spends.

Kuldeep Parewa

Founder @ Anveshan

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