Discount Engine

Mind-blowing discount

Elevate your discount strategy to drive sales, boost average order value, and enhance the shopping experience for your customers.

Deploy targeted offers

Track discount performance

Iterate for optimal results

Customer Delight

Built to improve shopping experience

Show relevant coupons to your shoppers, saving them from the stress of memorising codes; while avoiding poor experiences when discounts are inapplicable.

Discount Junction

Grow your revenue with out of the box discounts

Capped discounts

Increase your average order value. and optimize burn by setting discount limits on your coupons.

Tiered discounts

Increase your average order value by laying out steps to unlock coupons at checkout.


Delight shoppers with automatic free gifts in their purchase journey; and enrich their intent to buy.

Bundle discounts

Enable shoppers to bundle desired items at discounted rates to drive your sales growth while managing your inventory efficiently.

Intelligent System

Control the logic, conditionally speaking...

Stitch together complex logical conditions with our easy-to-use discounting engine. Leverage every entity – products, cart values, customer properties, time, and many more.


Types of discount configurations


Savings on discount burn


Increase in customer LTV

Stack-ability Rules

Compose complex discounting strategies

Construct how your discounts combine, set combination limits and much more.

Discount Analytics

Dive into granular views on discount performance

Unlock essential discount analytics with Shopflo to drive optimisations to your discount strategies by leveraging valuable insights.

The discount visibility on Shopflo has majorly nudged conversions. We were communicating discounts on other parts of the website as well but showing them through the checkout journey seems to have the biggest impact! We couldn't have asked for a better checkout partner.

Divya George

Marketing @ Blissclub

Shopflo has been an invaluable tool for us, revolutionising both our discount code management and reducing dropouts during checkout.

Akshay Dalvi

Marketing lead @ Zouk

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