Sleepy Owl Coffee optimised their ad spends with Shopflo

Food & Beverages



It's been 7 years and they have been delivering high-quality, freshly roasted coffee and products to everyone, everyday.


Sleepy Owl was spending money across ads via different channels but weren't able to track which channel was exactly working for them. This was due to the gaps in attribution on Google Analytics, where only ~70% orders are accounted for. 

Solutions & Results

With Shopflo's analytics dashboard, they get the exact source of their order, for 100% of their orders

With Shopflo providing insights into exactly where in the purchase journey they were losing their customers, they were able to perform more impactful retargeting and improve accordingly.

As they have a very strong loyal following, Shopflo providing a stellar repeat purchase experience and overall fast checkout engine helped them delight their repeat users! 

By reaching their customers at the right stage and right platform using deeper analytics, Sleepy Owl has managed to optimize their ad spends.