Innovist used prepaid discounts and banner to improve their prepaid share by +16%

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Innovist is synonymous to all things Clean, Transparent, and Scientific. A one-stop shop for products with proven efficacy! At Innovist, they balance science and art to deliver their promise: Clean | Transparent | Science.


Innovist faced a challenge in obtaining visibility into their checkout process. The lack of insight into specific drop-off points within the checkout made it difficult to formulate effective solutions. They also needed the insights into the success rate of discounts , as they would want to understand if the discounts they are giving out are impactful or not.

Nudging customers to pay online, rather than COD was not possible, due to which their online payment share was less.

They identified a significant drop-off rate during the login step, which also created a less-than-ideal experience for returning customers who had to repeatedly fill out lengthy forms when placing orders.

Solution and Results

Shopflo analytics provided Innovist with the quickly available funnel view of their checkout. This has helped Innovist become more data driven at the checkout step. They have clear insights into how and which part of the funnel they can improve. They were also able to view the discount success rates using our platform.

Innovist used Prepaid discounts and also communicated "Extra 5% off on all prepaid orders" on the banners. This helped them improve their prepaid share by 15-20%.

The address pre-fill feature has helped a lot of Innovist customers from filling out long forms all the time.

All in all this has improved their conversions by +15% at their purchase funnel.

Checkout how Innovist is using Prepaid discounts and Shopflo's Analytics

Shopflo has helped us gain deeper insights into the checkout funnel, which has led us to take data driven discussions. And this has had a positive impact on our conversions also. We were also able to increase our Online payment share by 15-20% using the prepaid discounts. As it's more beneficial when it comes to operational costs.

Bijesh Chandran, Business, Innovist