Nova Nova increased their conversions by 21%

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Known for bringing everyone's favorite part of ice cream in a snack form, Nova Nova has grown to become India's most loved snack brand. Starting as a chain of QSRs across India formerly known as Waffle House serving fresh and hot waffles, the team quickly realised the power of online eCommerce and started Nova Nova in 2020.


Nova Nova had got their 3Ps right: Product, Pricing, and People. They understood the power of performance marketing and India’s enthusiasm towards snacking and went all out with their ads. But e-commerce is a competitive space and one strategy does not last long, you have to keep up with the times and your competitors.

With active ad spending and on-point branding, Nova Nova was getting a lot of website visitors and visitors adding products to the cart but not enough of them becoming customers. 

Apart from this, because of keeping their snacks affordable, they wanted to encourage their customers to add more products to the cart and thus increase their AOV. The biggest advantage and challenge of a snack brand is if your snacks are good, people will keep coming back for more thus high repeatability was always a goal.

Solution and Results

With Shopflo, they are able to show their customers which coupons are applicable and how to unlock higher discounts pushing for higher AOV.

Additionally, Shopflo remembers every previous customer of Nova Nova, allowing for a two-click checkout process for recurring customers.

And, with an overall smooth and easy checkout experience, Shopflo managed to increase Nova Nova’s conversion rate by 21%.


Shopflo's 2-click checkout process ensures that people face no resistance. We have seen the impact on purchases from day 1 of going live. Their focus on conversions and a highly responsive customer support team make shopflo an absolute delight to partner with.

Chandra Bhanu, Marketing, Nova Nova