Perfora is using PG switching to increase payment success rates at their checkout

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Perfora is a modern, and functional oral care brand for consumers. The idea behind Perfora is to elevate the oral care experiences of the consumers with clean & effective products and educate people about how they can improve their oral health.


A lot of the shoppers for Perfora were dropping off as they encountered difficulty in filling out lengthy sign-up forms. Moreover, creating special coupons like Freebies, Bundles, and Buy X Get Y was inconvenient and time consuming as they had to use many apps for this. Another major issue was relying solely on one payment gateway without any backup, leaving no alternative if failures occurred during the payment process.

Solution and Results

Shopflo's identity management solution has significantly streamlined the shopping experience on Perfora. Initially, it saved 70% of shoppers from form filling, which increased by 14.5% in just 2 months. This led to a remarkable delta of 18% conversion rate compared to guest users.

Creating wide range of discounts on Discount Engine like Freebies, Bundles and BxGy that matches their campaigns has now been easier and has saved a lot of time. Helping the team manage all their campaign specific codes at one place. These discounts have been loved by thousands of Perfora customers.

Perfora experienced a boost in their payment success rate by adopting Multi PG support on Shopflo. This change brought peace of mind by mitigating concerns about payment failures. All in all, this drove a +21% increase in their conversions.


Shopflo's PG switching feature has been a game-changer for Perfora. It ensures uninterrupted payment processing, eliminating the risk of revenue loss and enhancing our reputation as a reliable brand.

Drishti Singhal, Head of D2C Business and Growth, Perfora