How P-Tal increased their Prepaid Share by 45%


Address Prefill

Discount engine

Trust Badges

Ptal, Punjab Thatera Art Legacy, is a cookware brand that specializes in brass, copper, and kansa cookware. It was founded with the aim of reviving India’s only UNESCO-listed craft form, Thantheras, from Amritsar, Punjab.


P-Tal was seeking a checkout process that would instill trust in their consumers. Given their target audience of individuals over the age of 45 and their high average order value (AOV), customers were hesitant to place prepaid orders. Additionally, they encountered a high abandonment rate at the checkout stage, often due to customers forgetting about available discounts.

Solution and Results:

P-Tal successfully established trust with their consumer base through several initiatives. Through Shopflo’s partnership with Truecaller, customers could seamlessly log in if they had Truecaller accounts, minimizing the hassle of entering addresses and completing lengthy checkout forms.

Utilizing Shopflo’s discount engine, they effectively showcased discounts on the checkout page, alleviating the need for customers to recall them and fostering higher conversion rates. Additionally, to further enhance trust during checkout, they incorporated trust badges on each page.

This led to a 70% increase in their Pre-filled Addresses, and a 45% higher Pre-Paid Share.