May 11, 2022

Shopflo raises a $2.6M seed round to redefine D2C checkout experience

This started off as conversations with brands on what we could do to improve their lives. We unanimously heard how “not proud” they were of the checkout experience on their websites. Long forms to fill out even for a repeat user, writing coupon codes from memory, payment failures, and workaround to incentivize prepaid payments frustrated them. They were losing ~70% of their potential customers in these steps. The worst part, they could not do anything about it.

Shopflo was born to provide the best in class “Swiggy/Amazon-like checkout experience” to every D2C brand out there. Over time, we plan to become a checkout platform delivering intuitive discounting, loyalty, and AOV enhancement features to further supercharge consumer experiences at checkout.

With our early clients, we are already seeing a 15-20% increase in conversion rates and this is just the beginning! Our pilot merchants have become our brainstorming partners who are constantly helping us push the envelope even further.

The team at Shopflo is a crazy bunch of builders and dreamers passionate about D2C and the role technology can play in its growth. The D2C market is on a hockey stick trajectory globally and is expected to be ~$100 Bn market in India in the next few years and much larger across the world. At Shopflo, we aim to support D2C entrepreneurs in making this revolution happen.

Join us on this mission to reimagine the D2C shopping experience for the next decade. We are hiring across Engineering, Product, Design, Sales, and Founders’ office.

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