Mint & Oak is using Trust badges for improving credibility and security at their checkout



Trust Badges

Address Prefill

CTA Editing

Mint & Oak is the one-stop shop for all high-quality accessories, the key to making any outfit pop. Makes your everyday look stand out with funky socks or some fun earrings.


Mint & Oak has leaned heavily on performance marketing to drive new website visitors. However, there's growing concern due to less-than-optimal ROAS and increasing challenges in recent times.

Also, controlling checkout drop-offs was tough as many shoppers expected a quick process.

Importantly, establishing trust at checkout was challenging, especially with new customers who question brand credibility and security measures.

Solution and Results

Shopflo's seamless checkout experience has boosted Mint & Oak's Add to Cart to Order Completed conversions, recording a remarkable increase of +12%. And an address pre fill rate of +80%. These factors have therefore helped in ROAS.

By utilising Trust Badges, Mint & Oak displayed essential details like customer numbers, COD availability, and free shipping options. This approach received positive feedback from shoppers, enhancing their confidence and security throughout the checkout process.

Also, creatively customising the CTA texts and giving context of COD and Free shipping has helped in the checkout journey.


Check out how Mint & Oak is using Trust badges and CTA text customisations

I like the inclusion of trust badges. Unless you're a well-established brand, gaining customers' complete trust can be challenging. This feature has been crucial for us. Just having '2 Lakhs Happy Customers' or ' COD Available' displayed instills confidence in shoppers, assuring them that their money is safe.

Purvi Modi Monga, Founder & CEO, Mint & Oak