August Product Updates

1. Trust badges

Convert users better on login page by customising the trust messaging on checkout. Contact Shopflo support to enable this feature.

2. Customer Cohorts for discounts

Gain precise discount control by creating customer cohorts on your end and uploading their phone numbers. This will ensure targeted discount display for those specific shoppers only.

Here's how : Specific Customer Discounts

3. Shopflo Channels

Token API has been upgraded with a channel context, empowering our brands to initiate checkout from various channels and effortlessly track metrics across each one.

Here's how: Shopflo Channels

4. Email not mandatory

Have majority consumers from Tier 2 / 3 of India ? Your consumers do not have an active email ID ? You can use this config to make email non mandatory for such checkouts. Reach out to support team to enable this flow.

5. Enhanced ACR messaging with cart images

Our advanced ACR webhooks now support the cart images to improve the experience for users when they get their abandoned cart message. Reach out to your SPOC to activate the same.