Create and manage discounts on Shopflo

Discounts (Understand Discounts via Videos on the bottom of this page)

Welcome to the world of amazing discount experience for your customers.

Technicalities of the shopflo discount engine

It is important to understand technicalities to use shopflo’s discount engine effectively.

Based on method of application shopflo offers two types discounts:

Automatic discounts
  • These discount get applied automatically if cart conditions meet discount condition
  • If these discounts get applied then manual non combinational discounts will not work
  • Once applied these discounts can’t be removed from checkout
  • These discounts can combine by default

Please note: All prepaid offers are by default automatic discounts.

Manual discounts
  • Can combine - These discounts can combine with other combinational discounts
  • Can not combine - These discounts can not combine with other combinational discounts

How do shopify discounts work with shopflo?

Types of Shopify discounts

Normal discounts - These are considered as stackable discounts in shopflo and only one discount is allowed in a single checkout session. These consume stackibility length.

Script discounts(Shopify Plus) - All script discounts are respected and they do not consume stackibility length.

Note: On our checkout we will respect all script discounts, on top of this only one normal shopify discount.

3rd Party apps, Reward app, Bulk discount apps - These are compatible given they are creating discounts on Shopify backend.

Note - If any third party app, reward app etc are not creating discounts on shopify backend then they will not be supported on shopflo

What can you do with shopflo discount engine?

A. Create Discount - discount constructs available with shopflo

  1. Amount off at a cart level
  • Get 10% off for orders above 1000
  • Buy from a predefined product list and get 10% off upto INR 250
  • Buy 2 at 10% off, 3 at 15% off and more than 3 at 20% off

       2. Automatic Freebie addition

  • Get a free product added for orders above INR 500
  • Get a free product Y if you add product X to your cart - ‘Toothbrush free if you buy toothpaste’

        3. BxGy

  • Buy 2 products and get 1 at 75%/50%/25% off or free

        4. Bundle offers

  • Buy 3 from a collection or buy 3 products and get at INR 999

B. Control the discounting experience on checkout

  1. Control and configure the discounts you want to show on the checkout
  2. Customize the description on discount cards shown on the checkout
  3. Create experiences on checkout by controlling on which page the discount strip is visible
  4. Get in-built celebrations and Swiggy-like discounting experience

C: Optimize for margins by choosing available payment methods across offers

D: Optimize for discount burn by having granular control over stack-ability

  1. Decide the maximum number of offers that can be stacked in a checkout
  2. Decide whether the discount should combine with our discounts or not

E: Analyze and Experiment

  1. Our advanced analytics allows you to track performance of each offer being created and run on your store, this is visible under the overview tab of shopflo dashboard

Understanding how discounts work on Shopflo Checkout

How to create a single discount that gives discount on cart value

How to create single discount to add free or discounted products to the cart

How to create a bundle discount