Integrate MoEngage with Shopflo

How to setup the integration?

Enable MoEngage integration on Shopflo Dashboard. Refer below on how to find the correct inputs from MoEngage.

Inputs required

  • App ID
  • Data App ID and Key

They can be found under Settings > App > APIs in your MoEngage dashboard. Copy the corresponding values from dashboard and paste them in Shopflo Dashboard

  • Data Center

Check your MoEngage URL https://dashboard-<NUM>

Based on the NUM value {‘01’ | ‘02’ | ‘03’ | ‘04’}, set the correct input in the data center on Shopflo dashboard.

Resource: Data Centers in MoEngage

How to verify the setup?

  • We have added a verification on the Shopflo dashboard for your credentials when you add the keys. That should take care of any wrong inputs getting saved.
  • To test the flow,
  • Go through the order journey
  • Search for your email ID on the MoEngage dashboard under Segments → Create segment
  • You will see the user profile created/updated with respective payloads reflecting on the MoEngage dashboard.

What events are being sent?

  • Address submitted

line_items: ["41892488839333"]checkoutURL: <>login_type: cookie_login

  • Payment method selected

checkoutURL: <>type: cookie_loginmethod: 'upi'

  • Order Completed

discount_value: '323.28'cart_token: 06a7c28f-6d5-4c08-a54-f0728af76shipping_address_province: Uttar pradeshshipping_address_zip: 281121first_name: Johnorder_id: 5190263734503currency: INRtotal_price: 1023.72last_name: doediscount_codes: {0: GUNEET20, 1: PREPAID}line_items: {0: 8056809390311, 1: 8084034322663}shipping_address_country: IndiatyPageURL: ""shippin_address_city: Vrindavanbuyer_accepts_marketing: true

Note: User profile update happens at address submitted event. Parameters updated:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone
  • Email

Update on user profile is sent instantaneously from our end. It may take a few minutes for it to reflect on the dashboard.

How to enable Shopflo checkout url?

  • Use Shopflo Address Submitted event in your workflows to send Abandoned Checkout messages to users. The parameter checkoutURL will open the checkout for the user.