Integrate Limechat with Shopflo

How to setup integration?

Raise a request to Limechat team to share these inputs with you.

  • Add the credentials to Shopflo dashboard. Check below on how to add the parameters
  • Inputs required
  • Endpoint URL
  • Authorization


URL → Endpoint URL (as received)
Header name   →authorization
Header value  → token (as received)

Click save once the inputs have been setup correctly

How to verify the setup?

  • You will see checkout_abandoned events getting registered on Limechat dashboard under WhatsApp → Events tab
checkout_abandoned event in Events tab

What events are being sent?

Payload sent:

{  "event_name": "checkout_abandoned",  "checkout_id": "8d62-3c53f3eb287",  "cart_token": "56050-3489-4c1a-8d62",  "abandoned_checkout_url": "<>",  "email": null,  "phone": "+917777777777",  "created_at": "2022-12-22T04:31:31.787996Z",  "updated_at": "2022-12-22T04:45:57.159623Z",  "note_attributes": [    {      "name": "landing_page",      "value": "/"    },    {      "name": "orig_referrer",      "value": ""    },    {      "name": "shopflo_checkout_url",      "value": "<>"    }  ],  "shipping_address": {    "city": "Kolhapur",    "country": "India",    "country_code": "IN",    "province": "Maharashtra",    "province_code": "MH",    "zip": "416012"  },  "billing_address": {    "city": "Kolhapur",    "country": "India",    "country_code": "IN",    "province": "Maharashtra",    "province_code": "MH",    "zip": "416012"  },  "line_items": [    {      "price": "65.00",      "id": "42885639078136",      "quantity": 1,      "title": "Default Title"    }  ],  "customer": {    "uid": "f7e704f3-58b8-477a-b73c-89e654e7777e",    "email": null,    "first_name": "",    "last_name": "J e manoj kumar",    "phone": "+917777777777",    "marketing_consent": true  },  "currency": "INR",  "subtotal_price": 65,  "total_discount": 0,  "total_shipping": 0,  "total_tax": 9.92,  "total_price": 65}

Note: Checkout gets marked as Abandoned in 15 minutes at Shopflo. That’s the only delay expected in the checkout reflecting on Limechat dashboard.

How to enable Shopflo checkout url?

  • Use checkout_abandoned event in your workflows to send Abandoned Checkout messages to users. The parameter abandoned_checkout_url will open the checkout for the user.