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Setting up Shipping

Setting up Shipping on Shopflo


Shopflo Shipping is a module built to help brands set their shipping rates and handles for their purchase flows. This includes:

  1. Syncing Shopify rates
  2. Adding rate level ETD and CoD availability
  3. CoD extra charges if applicable
  4. Pincode specific rates
  5. ETD and CoD configs as above

How is this feature helping our brands ?

Problem / Need gap

Brands are increasingly being cognizant of showing exact ETD information to their users while optimizing for CoD , RTO and delivery costs. This has become table-stakes in the current environment given the logistics edge marketplaces have.

Native Shopify shipping doesn’t provide them with all these levers and apps on Shopify do not perform quite often.

This is what Shopflo shipping aim to solve for giving brands a one-stop location to manage all of their shipping and delivery strategies wrt the information and flows needed within a checkout

Quickstart on Shopflo Shipping

Sync and Manage extant Shopify rates

  • Sync your shopify rates under Shipping zones tab on your shopflo dashboard
  • You will start seeing your Shopify rates against all profiles created
  • Configure ETD against each rate and also mention whether CoD is applicable to each
Note: Please ensure you configure CoD against Shopify rates basis your old CoD settings. Once synced, we will be using this information to populate shipping details for users on checkout

Create Pin-code specific rates

If your brand strategy is to:

  1. Have different rates for specific pincodes
  2. Allow CoD only for certain pincodes

you can use Shopflo rates to configure these

Example use-case: Brand wants to open Express delivery for Bangalore pincodes

  • Create Rate and assign the name to it - Pls note this name will show up on your checkout
  • Add price range in which this rate applies
  • Mention the rate price
  • Add pincodes against which this rate apply
  • Mention ETD and CoD configs against the rate once created as you had done for your Shopify rates
ETD Pannel
COD Config Pannel
Important: Pls note that the ETD configured against the rate will be the one by default. If you have different ETDs against each pincode within the rate, make sure to add the information in the CSV being uploaded. The sample format can be found on your dashboard

Note: If any changes are made to rates in Shopify, please be sure to come and sync the same on your Shopflo dashboard for all handles / rates to continue working smoothly


Q. Should I be using Advanced CoD along with Shopflo shipping  ?

No, Shopflo shipping covers all use-cases you want to cover with respect to your CoD configs, both at a pin-code and rate level. Hence, the need of Advanced CoD does not exist

Q. Will Shopflo call Shopify for handles on every checkout being initiated ?

No, once synced, Shopflo will be using the settings on your dashboard as source of truth to populate shipping information, This means we will be avoiding the call to Shopify in run-time.

This is done to ensure you have a smooth and faster checkout as Shopify APIs have higher latency (Read: time to respond) and are rate limited as well (read: number of calls allowed per minute).

Removing the dependency on Shopify rate limits will also ensure that the checkout can handle more traffic at once during sale periods with 100% uptimes.

Q. Can I rely solely on Shopflo rates (Pin-code specific rates) and not have Shopify rates

Yes, simply pause Shopify rates from your dashboard. This will ensure that the system will only populate information from your pin-code specific rates

Note: Please ensure all serviceable pincodes are uploaded while creating the rate to ensure no gaps in servicing your users across the country

Q. Can I continue on Shopify shipping without configuring anything on Shopflo ?

Yes, you can. Do not sync any rates. We will call Shopify to get the handles against the selected address during checkout. However, you will not be able to access the advanced features like:

  • Pin-code specific rates
  • Trust building through ETD at a rate / pin-code level
  • Multiple shipping rates for the users at different speeds

Q. Does Shopflo shipping support international rates ?

Yes, we do support syncing rates from Shopify outside India as well. However, we do not currently support zip-code specific rates for provinces / countries outside India

Examples of brands using Shopflo Shipping
What does the above setting mean ?
  1. A list of 16350 pincodes, have CoD enabled
  2. Basis Order Value (OV) conditions their base rates differ (INR 50 and free)
  3. No extra CoD charges present
  4. A list of 13240 pincodes have no CoD enabled
  5. Basis OV, the base rates differ again
  6. Brand has paused Shopify rates and hence the list of all pincodes uploaded are all their serviceable pincodes