Checkout conversion rate optimization with Shopflo: Basics

Checkout conversion optimization 101:

Get the basics in place

What data sources are ​​available?


  1. Shopify
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Any other analytical platform (e.g. Lucky Orange for video recordings, Mixpanel or Clevertap for behavior analytics)


  1. Shopflo
  2. Your payment gateway dashboard

What’s the correct way to analyze?

Find out what’s wrong: 
Identify the step: What part of the conversion funnel is looking off?
Dissecting the funnel

Slice and dice: Can we point it to a specific cause?
Experiment & iterate: Perform A/B testing

Control the knobs

Basis the investigation above, once you have spotted where the issue is (and ascertained that it is clearly attributable to the checkout), you can make use of the Shopflo platform to create an impact in your checkout funnel. We will now detail out some examples of what you could change to control different parts of the funnel:

💡 -> experiment & iterate

If some of these features are not available to you yet, please contact

Login rate (Phone number submitted)

Reduce friction on login
Increase intent on login
Create trust

Address submitted → Payments Page

Reduce friction in new address submission
Reduce drop-off in the coupon stage

This is where most of the coupon application happens. Ensuring high conversion through discount usage, and minimizing burn is critical here.

Reduce drop-off in the saved address page

Payments Page → Orders

Incentivize payment step
Build trust in payments
Increase payment success rate
Control COD