Integrate Google Analytics (GA4) with Shopflo

How to setup GA4 integration?

Shopflo supports sending checkout events to GA4 via backend API flow. Once setup on the, you can view these events in your GA funnel under Reports → Engagement → Events.ShopfloDashboard

Parameters required

  • Measurement ID

Admin → Data collection and modification → Data Streams → choose your stream → Copy the Measurement ID from here → Copy the measurement ID and paste in Shopflo dashboard.

  • API Secret

Admin → Data collection and modification → Data Streams → choose your stream → Measurement Protocol API secrets → Click Create button to create a new secret. Name it according to your liking and save it. Copy the secret and paste in Shopflo dashboard.

Please note: If the create button is disabled, make sure that you review the terms and accept it to create a new secret key.

Click on Inactive on all channels and select website/app to complete the set up

Standard event tracking

  • We’ve setup server-side tracking for GA4 purchase event. For every purchase that happens on Shopflo, we will trigger the purchase event and it will get mapped to the respective session correctly
  • In the same way, we’ll send event for begin checkout, shipping info and payment info selected by the user.

List of events sent to GA

Following is the list of events being sent

Once the setup is done on the Shopflo dashboard, you need to enable the custom events. Since these are not standard events, they need to be added to your GA dashboard.

Adding Custom Events

  • Go to Admin → Data Streams → choose your stream → Click on ‘Create custom events
  • Add all the custom events mentioned above. You can set any name under Custom event name to identify/differentiate them from your existing events
  • Once done, GA will capture these custom events on the dashboard.

How to verify my setup?

You will see these events to start reflecting under Reports → Real time tab