RTO Solutions at Shopflo

Login Step:
  1. Build Trust: Badges & banners on login screen 
  2. Mandatory OTP: Ensuring every user login is verified via OTP to validate phone number used in purchase journey
  3. Truecaller Integration: Ensure quick and secure login with verified users via Truecaller
Address Step:
  1. Repeat addresses: Access to verified addresses of users from the Shopflo network
  2. Customisable address form: Control address fields like Line 1/Line 2 on your checkout form
  3. Regular cleanups: Address cleanliness and hygiene maintained by Shopflo for every customer import into the network
  4. Validations on address form: Rigorous validation during the address input to reduce wrong addresses in checkout journey
Shipping Step:
  1. Pincode/Product based ETD: Setup granular shipping estimates for clearer communication on expected time to delivery to the customer
  2. Pincode/Product based COD blocking: Take control COD availability and shipping charges
Payments Step:
  1. Prepaid incentive: Offer incentives to promote specific online payments
  2. No COD for Suspected Customers: Tagging certain customers as "No COD" to reduce risk of fake orders.
  3. Extra COD charges: Add COD processing fee to convert users to prepaid
Post Order:
  1. COD OTP flow: Especially for COD orders, an OTP is sent to verify the shipping phone number and the order is marked “COD-Verified” or “COD-unverified” for brand to build post processing flows over the top.
  2. COD-to-Prepaid: Convert COD orders to Prepaid by offering discount on order confirmation page and reduce your COD share
  3. Comms integrations: Shopflo supports communication flows with all apps to allow brands send regular updates via WhatsApp/SMS about delivery status.