Survey on checkout


Shoppers dropping off at the checkout stage is always painful, given that it’s the final stage. Understanding why the Shopper might have dropped off becomes challenging when insights into the reasons are unavailable.

And then sending abandoned recovery messages without understanding why customers dropped off is a blind approach, relying on hope for conversions through WhatsApp or email.

Shopflo’s Solution

Having a checkout survey at the point when someone is trying to exit the checkout. Our survey will get triggered and then the user would have to fill in the reason on why they are planning on exiting the checkout.

Which gets stored against that abandoned checkout for that specific customer.

What can you do with the feature?

With the options selected you’ll be able to understand your users better and make changes on checkout if needed. These insights on why someone dropped off would be available on the Overview Tab.

The Survey is created such a way, that it address issues like :

discounts, shipping, payment options, others...

survey on the checkout

You can also find the Survey response against the individual abandoned checkouts on the Abandoned Checkouts Tab. Use this to reach out to customers with a right pitch to help them convert.

Learn on How you can get started :