Customise Checkout UI

From here you can set UI for shopflo checkout.

You need to set the following:

  1. Logo - Upload your brand’s logo, refer the below image for logo size
Reference image for setting up logo for your store
  1. Theme colour and text - Set theme colour and text colour that aligns with your website
  2. Banners - There are 3 banners available for 3 different screens of shopflo checkout i.e. Login, Address, and Payment. Banners can be used for social proofing, customer trust and marketing any running sales. Explore different use cases below.

Some of the best uses of banners by shopflo partnered brands

For setting up banners explore banners on these websites -,,,
  • To enable or disable the coupon block during checkout, please make use of the checkbox provided below:
  • As Code Entry Field - With this option, customers will need to manually type the coupon code during checkout.
  • As Coupon Card Field - Opting for this option will allow customers to apply the coupon easily, and they will also be able to view all available coupons directly in the checkout process. This will create a seamless and user-friendly experience similar to Swiggy, enhancing customer satisfaction and engagement.
  • You can also change the Call-To-Action button texts on all Login and Address page of checkout
  • We can change text and descriptions for individual payment modes on payments page.
  • Ensure to save all the changes before leaving the tab.